The Four Stages to Sobriety

published7 months ago
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It took me 2 years from the time I wanted to get sober to the day I took my last drink.

That was from 2016-2018.

I got sober without a program. (No AA)

I failed a lot along the way but I learned a lot. It is that learning that has led me to want to help others maybe help others shorten the time needed to reach stage 4.

The turning point for me was when I found a couple of sober people both in real life and online that I connected with and I felt understood what I was dealing with. What that did was help me feel like I was not alone.

For me it was Holly Whitaker

In her book Quit Like a Woman she outlines these 4 stages on the path to sobriety.

I thought I would share them with my comments in hopes hat it might help you locate yourself of the map to sobriety.

Stage 1 - Ignorance

Simple. You do not know you have a problem.

Alcohol is causing problems more than likely but you have not acknowledged that to yourself or to anyone else.

Stage 2 - Awareness

You know that alcohol is causing problems. Even if you are holding it together on the outside with your family and job, you know that there have been times you could have done better for yourself and others if you were drinking less or not drinking at all.

The issue here that Holly points out so well is that maybe awareness is all you are capable of handling right now and that is okay.

Maybe awareness is all that you need to do right now and that is okay.

It is okay if this is where you are.

Sitting with this awareness is a great step.

Recommendation: This is a great place to start a journal. If you can write down your thoughts and feelings do it. Capture your thoughts your emotions.

Pen to paper is best but open up a document on your computer, enter todays date and start typing.

Stage 3 - Acceptance

You know in your heart that alcohol is a problem. You start trying to actively quit drinking forever.

(record this date - this is your start date for recovery)

Stage 4 - Sobriety

You have quit alcohol forever.

I am curious where you are on your path?

Is there anything I could do to help you move from one stage to the next? If yes, hit reply and let me know.

Always Your Sober Friend.


I love replies.

Terry R. Grier

There is an enemy in your mind. A voice that that is relentless. Telling you to drink. I help you overcome that voice and set yourself free to live a life beyond your dreams.

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