Sunshine and Bunnies

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Sunday 8:58 am
Cedar Park, Texas


It does exist.

A place that is beautiful. A place you love to wake up too.

A place where you feel free from addictions.

It is real. It does exist.

I am here now.

Sure, life still happens. Bad things still happen. Stress is still a real thing. But here but you are able to deal with life without a fog or sense of numbness that only delays the problems we all face.

The problem is your addiction.

You can heal from this and move forward to this new place.

Addiction keeps you living in a dark place. Sure there are moments of happiness where you are now. But over all it is dark and getting darker.

You dream of the place you heard about from others. This sober land of bunnies and sunshine but you do not believe it is real.

In my upcoming free guide How to Quit Alcohol without Labels, Meetings or Willpower I write:

I was not the person I was when I started the journey but I also was not yet transformed.

After months of not drinking I drank with my father in law. Then I wrote that in my journal.

I had a choice.

Do I retreat back to where I was before and continue drinking or do I press forward to the new place.

So much of Sober Culture and even Diet Culture says there are only 2 places.

  1. Use of substance/behavior (The Bad Place)
  2. Not using the substance/behavior (The Good Place)

There is a 3rd place that few want to talk about and that is the journey.

The path from the bad place to the good place is not easy. Clare Pooley in her now famous 2015 blog post describes the journey as an obstacle course.

The journey is hard. It is not straight. It has setbacks. It is the unknown and can be scary. You need a new skill set. You need a guide.

It starts with 10 days.

In my guide I teach you a journaling practice so that you will learn this obstacle course and leave yourself a trail of bed crumbs in your own handwriting. You will see the path just by turning pages and remember that this scary feeling is not new.

Next attempt you go for 100 days.
Around 100 days you will see your destination but it is still a little ways off in the distance.
Around 6 months you will get there.

The secret is not waiting too long between attempts.

You might not like the dark place but you know it. It is easy. Do not stay here for long.

Life in a Circle

The pain I see and why I wrote my guide is that people do the hardest part over and over. They are living life in a circle thinking they are making progress but they also feel pain and frustration.

The first 10 days are the hardest part.

This is what I call the cycle of addiction. I am going to teach you how to break it and transform your life so that you live in sunshine.

I want to teach you stop doing the hardest part over and over.

I poured my heart and mind into this free guide and I will be sending it to you on Tuesday June 6th.

Never Give Up on Yourself. Never.

Terry Grier

PS. Next Step is a free discovery call. Here is the Link

Program Note:

Today starts a shift in my focus to teaching people how to break the cycle of addiction.

I would suggest you wait and let me send you the free guide. You never know when it might be helpful to you or someone you love.

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Terry R. Grier

There is an enemy in your mind. A voice that that is relentless. Telling you to drink. I help you overcome that voice and set yourself free to live a life beyond your dreams.

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